Subaru Trans Conversion Step 1

So after figuring out what you want from a gear ratio perspective the next step is to order parts if like me you want to refresh a transmission.  I found a 2000 Forester Transmission but it had 156K miles on it but I did get it for $350 dollars.  Also at least for me even if I got a transmission with 50k miles I would still refresh it just for my own personal feel good.  Its not cheap and with the miles I have on this trans I have $800 in parts I am putting into it.  After some review though I couldn’t buy a low mileage transmission for less than $1100 at least here so I feel good that I will be starting out with a fully refreshed transmission for the same cost.

First strip down clean and soon to add new parts such as bearings and any rubber.

Subaru Transmission

More to come as I get parts in.