Vanagon Front Mounted AC Install

Well Dharma is about to get front mounted AC installed using the Vintage AIR Gen IV AC.  I wanted to put down a few notes about the process so that others may get a point of view on how the install may be.

First Lets talk about price. This is not a cheap project but if you intend to use the van in the south or anywhere hot this is a must. This is what I used for my Bostig swapped Van. Your list may be different so please check all part numbers.
AC Price List
Here is a Aeroquip EZ Clip fittings list
AeroQuip Ezclip Fittings list
Now for some pictures.

I first needed to cover the original fresh air vents on the van since this unit is only a recirculating style. The second picture here really shows the bracket used to not only cover the lower frsh air vent but also using the cover as a mounting location for the new AC.

Test fitting the evaporator in its new home under the dash.
Test fitting the evaporator in its new home under the dash

Before cutting I am really trying to be sure this is the place to put vents and such. I had to cut support brackets and other things within the dash to fit the vents and this plate. The plate bolted up adds the rigidity back.
Test fitting the new vent frame to be bolted to the dash.

The biggest concern I had was space for the radio. You have to use a CD less radio which did not bother me at all. This gave me options of radios that were 4-4.5″ mounting depths.