Vanagon Front Mounted AC Install 2

So I have started to make some real progress. AT this point i can confidently say that if you are a regular DIY guy with cars this install is for you. I have found this to be a big project but only in the sense of time rather than difficulty. For anyone wanting to take this on just make sure you have the time and DON’T RUSH. Measure 3-4 times then cut\drill. Now for some pics.

This weekend I got my Aeroquip lines run (rerun as I had rear mounted AC before). #10 and #8 lines are now on the passenger side from the compressor and then cross over to the driver side following the heater lines over the gas tank and then they head back to the passenger side right at the steering rack and ultimately following the right side of the coolant lines and to the condenser. I love the Aeroquip lines and system because they are smaller, stronger and you can build them to size at home without a bunch of expensive equipment.

Aeroquip AC line routing
Aeroquip Lines

Outside Aeroquip lines going in

I had installed the condenser when I did the rear mounted AC job but had to flip it to get the ports on the passenger side. So much fun doing AC twice on a van but I am determined to get some cool air for this TX heat.