Vanagon Home

Welcome to Dharma’s page. Yes this is our 1985 Vanagon Westfalia. Lots of work has been put into the van so far but there is more to come. This is the place to be to find out more and hopefully get some good DIY information in regards.


Dharma Specs:

Bostig Turbocharged Engine
224,600 miles (75,000 miles on Zetec engine)
PreRunner Suspension
Solar Powered ARB Fridge
Clean, Functional Camper

Bostig Turbocharged Engine
More work to come with the setup but after getting the Subaru transmission installed I plan to run the turbo at about 5psi to help the brick of a van when needed while conserving mpg as she gets about 19 mpg now.

Zetec Engine


Dharma has been upgraded with GoWesty 16 inch alloy wheels for a huge improvement in overall drivability along with GoWesty 1.0 inch progressive springs, Bilstein sport shocks, and front & rear heavy-duty Whiteline sway bars. All told, the ground clearance is as good as almost any stock 4wd on the market now, and the approach/departure angles put them all to shame.

In the off chance that you find yourself stuck in the mud, the heavy duty recovery points on the GoWesty front and rear bumpers are perfect anchors for your buddy to pull you out by.


Solar Panels

After you get to camp, you deserve a few of the luxuries of home (lights, fridge, radio, 120V inverter, laptop charging, etc.) and this van has the perfect system to power all of those devices and gadgets.

The auxiliary battery bank has a whopping 169 Amp-hours of storage capacity in two separate batteries that are charged from three different sources depending on your situation. If you’re parked in the driveway, just plug an extension cord into the exterior hook up and the CTEK smart charger will provide ample juice while the fridge will automatically switch to 120VAC. Then when you start driving, the Blue Sea automatic charging relay (ACR) will send current from the alternator to the aux batteries. And when you finally get to your perfect camp spot and get settled for a week of relaxation, 100 Watts of roof mounted solar power will keep the fridge and your accessories running continuously.

If you find yourself parked in the shade, no worries—just unlock the quick release handles and move the panels out into the sun. But what happens when the clouds roll in and you need to conserve power? Well, you can easily check on the condition of all three batteries on the digital battery monitor. Additionally, you can use the Blue Sea switches to manually disconnect or connect any combination of the three batteries for just about any scenario you can dream up.

This power system has reliably powered the ARB fridge 24×7 along with the lights, radios, and other accessories. It is tried and true.